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Salvation Made Clear Seminar HD Videos on USB +extras
Various Speakers
USB Stick.
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4GB USB stick that contains HD Video files of the 2018 Ambassadors Seminar on The Reformation. USB also includes PDF files of every tract available from Ambassadors Publishing and a PDF copy of the book Start Rightly Dividing.

- - - Seminar description from back cover of DVD - - -

For too many, salvation is shrouded in confusion. “What does it mean? How do I get it? Can I lose it? How do I keep it? How do I know I am saved? What about good behavior?” In short, salvation remains a mystery. This should not be so. As expected, this confusion grows to the extent the church neglects the revelation of the mystery concerning salvation given to the apostle Paul. The most profitable and important result of mid-Acts Pauline dispensational Bible study is that it makes salvation clear.This 2018 seminar was recorded live at Grace Ambassadors Bible Fellowship in Swayzee, IN. The theme of the weekend was Salvation Made Clear. (From back cover)

[Disc 1]
Session 1 ~ The Mystery of Salvation - [26:17] - Jeremey Johnson
Session 2 ~ Why Salvation is Needed - [37:47] - Dustin Fulkerson
[Disc 2]
Session 3 ~ What is Salvation - [41:14] - Justin Johnson
Session 4 ~ Who is the Saviour - [36:16] - Dustin Fulkerson
[Disc 3]
Session 5 ~ How Salvation Works - [37:04] - Jeremey Johnson
Session 6 ~ Where is the Gospel Offered - [46:44] - Justin Johnson
[Disc 4]
Session 7 ~ When is Salvation Complete - [52:19] - Jeremey Johnson
Session 8 ~ After Salvation - [1:01:18] - Justin Johnson

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USB: 4GB size. Videos are HD quality.
Published: 2018
Product Size: 2" x 3"

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